Welcome to Barinca Travel & Tourism!

For over 10 years, Barinca Travel & Tourism has been facilitating tailor-made tours for groups and individuals in Cathar Country, Occitania, south-west France. From 2019 onward we will also be able to organize group tours on demand in Greece!

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    Anneke Koremans, author, photographer, history enthusiast and producer.

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    Tailor-made tours on demand in Cathar Country, France.

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    Tailor-made tours on demand in Greece.


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    Cathar Country

    Popular tours designed to your wishes around the most famous historical sites in Occitania, France (e.g. Carcassonne, Rennes-le-Château, Montségur, etc.).

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    Experience Occitania

    Off the beaten track tours through Occitania's rich historical heritage, designed to your wishes (e.g. the prehistoric caves, medieval abbeys, Cathar Castles, Gorge de Galamus, etc.).

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    Photography and Gastronomy

    Tours with a theme (e.g. based on photography, gastronomy & wine) through the beautiful countryside of south-west France, designed to your wishes.

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    Classical Greece

    Visiting Athens, Delphi and other historical places on the mainland, the Peloponnessos or the Greek islands, designed to your wishes.